We are Advocates

of Our Independent Advisors

Sovereign advisors are supported with the resources, tools and knowledge to ensure client satisfaction and prosperity. It is our mission that our advisors are equipped with the tools they need to be successful so that they can focus on what really matters: helping clients achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

We have established a positive and thriving workplace while going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and prosperity. The unique backgrounds, talents, and enthusiasm of the advisors on our team increase the resources we can provide for our clients.

Sovereign advisors own their own businesses and benefit from being part of a large, supportive group of veteran financial experts who provide local supervision, broader access to services, sales management and multiple client centers for meetings.

Sovereign advisors’ backgrounds are varied and their experience is expansive. We collaborate and share ideas to accomplish more for our clients.

We support a broad network of truly independent financial advisors and have grown 600% since 2005 in the number of professionals who serve the specialized needs of affluent clients.